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June 16, 2011

gumnuts in light

view my 'gumnuts in light' watecolour painting

my gumnuts in light has been featured on redbubble in 'just watercolours' group!

these little gumnuts reflect the australian sunlight.. with shadows of mauve, blue & violet......

May 26, 2011

'love mi birds'

'love mi birds' stage 1 

beautiful. colourful. birds of the sky
a series based on birds of the world

“be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.”    - victor hugo quote

May 23, 2011

international artists of the vernissage...

exciting news!

'shells by c - moonlight'   'bird of paradise'   'hearts amor'
have been published in chicago local guide - international artists of the vernissage

May 09, 2011

hearts amor

private collection.

a special painting...  the day my mum was in theatre having a triple bypass operation I bought the most beautiful flowers and placed them in my studio.. 

I could not be there with her but my heart was.. I just painted & painted.... no real thoughts on composition just painted.  when I was finished I noticed some of the flowers were heart shaped.............. :) 'hearts amor'

May 06, 2011

my lily... charcoal

'mi lily'

my first charcoal drawing.... nice to explore tones & shadows 
looking to draw small artworks in charcoal & ink
new mediums to enjoy....

available from my 'chez amor art' online shop -  australianartist

April 20, 2011

time to paint...

started a larger watercolour painting....  full of roses 
soft shadows in impressionist colours,, mauve with tints of dark blue... 
this painting will take a while.... paint when my vibes are mellow..... 
have great days...  cheers,,, cheryl

April 13, 2011

my beach shack painting....

 view my 'beach shack & sea shells' watercolour painting
featured in redbubble groups 'down by the sea' & 'striking shells'

:) "my shells with the colours of the sea" cheers,,, cheryl